Show Quality standard poodles




We hear from people looking to purchase a standard poodle, that "We just want a pet, but we want a healthy puppy from healthy parents with a good temperament." Each "Barbican" puppy is produced by a specific breeding with the intention to better the breed. Some, but not all puppies in our litters are evaluated as potential "show dogs". That doesn't mean that the "others" are any less attractive or valuable. Show dog breeders take their breeding programs seriously. It takes a lot of time, energy, thought and money to breed dogs well. It is truly a labor of love and one that does not end when a puppy is sold, but one that continues when the puppy moves on to its new family.

A Barbican puppy is guaranteed against genetic or congenital problems which would cause it not to be a good pet for a period of 5 years. Further, if you have this heartbreak (since these are little living things not manufactured objects), you will have your choice of either: a replacement puppy when one is available, or your purchase price refunded. Responsible breeders are prepared to stand behind the puppies they produce both financially, and with help and advice about their family of dogs. We want and expect you to stay in touch with us throughout the lifetime of your pet.



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