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These gentlemen come from the heart of our genetic family. For us to keep a male, and invest in his championship, he has to be a highly superior dog since he is probably of no use in our breeding program. All our stud dogs are of a make and shape which distinguishes their family heritage-you will recognize them! They have full genetic testing and a CHIC number.

In Control of Canine Genetic Diseases, Dr. George A. Padgett, D.V.M. states, "Everyone must remember, especially breeders, that all dogs carry, on the average, four or five defective genes. So the question is not whether your dog carries a defect, it does, we know that. The important point is what defect it carries. If people tell you their dogs have never produced a defect, their dogs have probably produced only one litter; they don't follow up on their puppies or; what is most likely the case, they are being less than truthful." (pp.12-13) Because we are long-time breeders of our family, we know what skeletons reside in our closet. We are prepared to discuss our health issues with owners of bitches, and we expect the same openness from them. Responsible breeders do not knowingly breed weakness to weakness, and no one is well served when breeders operate on a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" philosophy.

That said, we offer these gentlemen for your consideration.

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Multi BIS, Multi BISS Am, Can Ch. Barbican Filagree Future, CGC

(Int. Ch. Avatar Concord x Am Ch. Barbican C'est Magnifique)


Group Winning Ch. Hallifax Zorn at Barbican, CD, RN, CC, RA

(Int. Ch. Avatar Concord x Hallifax Willma)


Ch. Barbican Knightwulfe

(Ch. Nipigon Nighthawk at Degana x BISS Ch. Barbican Swedish Nightingale)


Ch. Barbican JJ's Into The Future

(Multi BIS, Multi BISS AM/CAN CH. Barbican Filagree Future, CGC X aAM CH Wink's Right On The Money)